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Until I, A Fallen Nobleman, Was Called the Great Sage With My Hazure (?) Skill “Super Jack-of-All-Trades” Ch. 416.5

  “Hyaha! We’re back! Oh, I’m so tired.” “O-Oh, Akzeryus-sama ……! You’re back early, aren’t you? So Sherida-sama was with you” “……” “What an unfriendly guy, that’s why you’re mistaken for a man, you know?” “…… Finish your report already.” “Yes, yes. Oh, yeah, let him rest somewhere.”   When Akze

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Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Ch. 1689

Chapter 1689: System, Where’s My Goat?!Rolan personally led a team of 300 elites from the Gray Temple on three eagles to the Thunderstorm Mountains. After seeing the scene, even the most experienced of them threw up immediately.“Burn all the corpses and bury the ashes. Bring those alive back and loc

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Until I, A Fallen Nobleman, Was Called the Great Sage With My Hazure (?) Skill “Super Jack-of-All-Trades” Ch. 417

“We’re about to arrive illuminate!” “Kuoon♪!” “We made it home without incident. Well, I don’t think there’s anyone or anything that can handle this group of people. “   –Looking back at the back of the wagon, Basleigh-sensei muttered in astonishment. We were on our way straight back from Sandiol

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Eternal Sacred King Ch. 1196

Chapter 1196: A Desperate MoveAt this point, Illumination Dragon Elder Four could no longer persist.Using an arm in exchange for the life of the young master of the Witch race and avoiding a war – that was the best solution.“Child, you’ll have to suffer,”Illumination Dragon Elder Four sent a voice t

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The Sovereign’s Ascension Ch. 653

Lin Yun was barely able to contain the surging sword intent within his body. He was excited to see the limit of his xiantian sword intent at complete mastery when it was combined with the Azure Dragon Enneaform—Duoform.“Tsk, tsk, brilliant. How brilliant. I’ve been away from human society for only a

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The Sovereign’s Ascension Ch. 654

The fragments of the shattered azure dragon seal drifted in the air before dissolving into demonic mist and dissipating.“You! Since when did you realise it!” Lei Yunzi had put his plan in motion fifteen years ago. Although Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng were chess pieces that guaranteed that

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! Ch. 250

Chapter 250 There was only one spiritual herb in this place. However, one of them was enough for Nan Zhi to absorb and assimilate the spiritual power Xi Ying gave him. When the two returned to the taxi, Xi Ying said another address. Within two hours, the uncle driver was contracted by Xi Ying. They

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Eternal Sacred King Ch. 1197

Chapter 1197: Baptism“Long Zhu, are you sure?”Illumination Dragon Elder Four had a grim expression as he whispered, “The Ancestral Dragon’s baptism is extraordinary and must not be joked about! If you can’t withstand it…”Although he did not continue, the meaning behind his words was clear.Long Cang

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The Novel’s Villain Ch. 138

40. Delivery Group(1) Jin-woo checked streets, noting the disciples of the Xiawu Sect had good stamina, making them perfect to be used as workers. As the Sect was completely seized, no one who had been a member could be free. As everyone moved like machines, their ability to gather information imp

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! Ch. 251

Chapter 251 【Host, you can bully Xiao Zhizhi vigorously oh!】 Xiao Yiyi had already seen everything. Where is that hearsay that can make people advance? Obviously, the host made up an excuse to kiss Xiao Zhizhi! Humph, this sour smell of love is annoying. Xi Ying leaned on the big rock and called Ba

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Eternal Sacred King Ch. 1198

Chapter 1198: Five Lineage Dragon Qi15 minutes passed.The divine dragons blazing with scarlet flames in the skies were still endless and swooped down continuously.Su Zimo stood on the stone platform and endured the baptism of the Illumination Dragon qi!His body and bloodline were transforming rapidl

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! Ch. 252

Chapter 252 “Maybe he missed the TV series he wanted to watch.” Xi Ying took out a stack of pink bedsheets from the closet and turned around towards him. A row of fluffy white snowballs was attached to the bedsheet. Extremely cute, and the girl’s heart was very extremely. Nan Zhi looked at them and

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Eternal Sacred King Ch. 1199

Chapter 1199: Innate Divine Powers“Good, good, good!”The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder stood up and looked in the direction of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar from the cave. His eyes shone brightly as he nodded repeatedly.“Dragon qi of five lineages, haha!”The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder co

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The Novel’s Villain Ch. 139

40. Delivery Group (2) The Blue Dragon Association held a strong authority as a group of well-known elites and rising stars from the Nine Schools and One Sect. They had a far-reaching information network and could even exert some influence on the Martial Arts League’s decision, making them the nex

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch. 742

Chapter 742: I, Yun Chuling, miss you all very muchThe sect leaders were disappointed their trap did not bear any fruit. They could only imprison the captured man, keep him under strict supervision, and make a long-term plan.Yun Chujiu was already mentally prepared for this, so she was not too surpr

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The Queen of Everything Ch. 1041

Tan Jinsui was worried about Su Cha.Su Cha turned around and shook her head. "I'm fine."Tan Jinsui frowned. "You don't look fine."Su Cha paused."Uncle Tan, can you check which situations could cause a woman's emotions to change drastically?"Su Cha instinctively felt that something was wrong.She did

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch. 744

Chapter 744: HeartbrokenWhen Yun Chujiu turned around, Di Beiming walked over slowly in a white robe. She cursed in her heart. F*ck! Some people were just unusually charismatic! Just a few casual steps from the Pretty Boy made people everyone fawn at him!Xue Wuji was stunned at first, then he curled

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch. 743

Chapter 743: Big Brother Is Good Enough, Right?The corner of Yun Chujiu’s eyes twitched violently. After not seeing him for a few months, Black Chicken Head was still as coquettish as ever!“Little Sister Jiu, to take revenge on me, that Facial Paralysis gave me a lot of trouble and made it impossibl

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Elite Mages' Academy Ch. 612

Chapter 612: Absorbing Energy “It’s quite unbelievable, you actually have this power.” Bell muttered in shock. Xiao Lin did feel strange. Logically, when he activated Myth, he was at a Gold-ranked level, but in the academy, there was no shortage of fourth-year graduates who reached that level, so h

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The Queen of Everything Ch. 1042

The hospital was a big local hospital, so it was naturally safe.After she took a series of tests, the results were out quickly.She was really pregnant.The child was already a month old.When the results came out, Tan Jinsui: "…"Fu Mo: "…"Their expressions were complicated, and so was Su Cha's.She did

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Until I, A Fallen Nobleman, Was Called the Great Sage With My Hazure (?) Skill “Super Jack-of-All-Trades” Ch. 418

We arrived at the town of Illuminate not long after and headed for the castle. I wanted to go home, but I decided that it would be better to go now since everyone was here, so I decided to report first.   “Oh, you’re back. I have some good news for you.” “I’m back, Nibiru-san! I’m sorry, can we t

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Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Ch. 701

Chapter 701: Knock you out and carry you homeYe Tianxin walked in front of the two children. She bent over and whispered, “Your mother is doing okay now. The baby is okay, too.”Since the two children couldn’t understand English, Ye Tianxin had to make a few exaggerated gestures to communicate.The ch

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I, The Dragon Overlord Ch. 48

Chapter 48 - Let Me Bring More Surprises to Earth!   Professor Johnson awoke from a trance. Despite looking no different from before, those familiar with him would likely notice that he had different mannerisms compared to the past. This was because though he was Professor Johnson, he also w

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My Youth Began With Him Ch. 4513

Chapter 4513 Su Yu In Deep Sleep 3Then, he and Su Yu quickly dodged…But just as they avoided one wave of attack… the second wave came.Their speed and numbers had already surpassed the limits of humans.“F*ck, I’m not dodging anymore. This is a dream, this is a dream…” Panting, Su Yu stood where he wa

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I Am Not a Sis-Con! ~ All the People Around Me Call Me One, but Isn’t It Just Because My Sister Is Too Cute? ~ Ch. 51

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm, which was set for 8:00 o’clock.   Maybe it was because I went to bed late last night, but I was sure that I would never wake up if I fell back to sleep.   I rubbed my sleepy eyes and woke myself up.   “Ohayo~. …”   “Nii-San, Ohayo Gozaimasu'”   S

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Life as a Tower Maid: Locked up with the Prince Ch. 10

Chapter 10 “Your Highness, have some dessert~” I opened the door with a bowl of apples in hand. With his gray hair tied and his monocle on, Albert was preoccupied with his research. He shut his eyes tightly, then opened them again as he pressed his forehead hard. I placed the bowl d

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Honey, Why Can’t We Get a Divorce? Ch. 38

Chapter 38 Translated by Tam Edited by   Dragon’s claws.   It’s something that appeared in the original. Through Fleur, the Crown Prince learns about the mercenary guild and meets a mercenary who has visited the dragon’s habitat. As proof that they have visited the

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Keyboard Immortal Ch. 593

Zu An was shocked when he saw her face. He quickly redirected the strength of his palm. This sudden change in stance made him suffer a backlash. His body crashed into the ground.Qiu Honglei recovered her usual charming smile. “What’s wrong, young master? You’re bowing as soon as you see me? How can

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Keyboard Immortal Ch. 594

Zu An quickly dodged backwards. He saw some dirty yellow liquid pour down from above the door, and there was a cask below. He could smell the contents from far away.He finally realized that someone placed a bucket of piss above the door ahead of time. Once someone pushed open the door and went insid

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My Crown Princess Comes from the Earth Ch. 14

14. The Chubby Boy’s Dream Translator: Serena Yang When the chubby boy looked at Lian Nuo timidly, Lian Nuo actually smiled. His smile was so loving and adorable. The chubby boy could never imagine that such a weak and thin man would have a clean smile like this. It was a pure and unadulter

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My Crown Princess Comes from the Earth Ch. 15

15. Bai You Know Cardis Translator: Serena Yang "Blue Wolf is an army belonging only to the Crown Prince. It was also founded by the Crown Prince. I heard that the members of the Blue Wolf only listen to the orders from the Crown Prince." Oument explained, his tone full of pride and resp

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My Crown Princess Comes from the Earth Ch. 16

16. The Story Happening Three Years Ago Translator: Serena Yang Three years ago? Cardis certainly remembered what happened three years ago. The beasts raided the borders of the Sodir Empire and the army who were patrolling on the border could not beat them, so they asked Blue Wolf for help. At th

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Consort of a Thousand Faces Ch. 595

CHAPTER 595 : KNOWN TO ALL   Du Ling patted the Grand Empress Dowager on her back and said, “The carriage has already left. Let’s go back.” He then signalled to the eunuch nearby.   The eunuch walked up to them and said, “Grand Empress Dowager, it’s cold o

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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife Ch. 45

Lucian’s eyes widened and looked at me.  Estelle did the same.  I belatedly came to my senses after seeing their reactions. ‘Oops.’  I had to make an excuse.  I stuttered in a limbo from holding Lucian’s hand. “Umm- this… my hands were a

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The Failed Swordsman Who Became the Strongest After Spamming the 100 Million Years Button Ch. 300

300. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [71] There was a glossy light pink sakura blossom pattern on Rose’s chest. (……Beautiful.) A four-petalled sakura on a snow-white skin. I was captivated by its beauty. (Come to think of it… Bacchus-san had someth

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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife Ch. 42

Anne shut the door ruthlessly.  I had no intention to listen to my father’s too-much-talk.  I sighed, leaving the stacked boxes which reached the ceiling behind.  “Anne, prepare to leave. Get a carriage ready. I’m going to Lord Kardien’s mansion.” Ann

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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife Ch. 43

“I stopped by to tell Lord Kardien something. What about Estelle?  “I thought it would be good to learn about Kingdom Sebran’s etiquette and culture before I went there to study, so I came to learn from Lucian. Lucian once worked with mercenaries in Kingdom Sebran, so he know

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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife Ch. 44

I haven’t visited Lucian since then. Lucian didn’t visit me either. And he didn’t send any more gifts to me.  It’s been like that for a week.  “You look so beautiful today, miss! You look even more beautiful than the roses in autumn and brighter than the moo

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I Want to Be Friends With You Ch. 81

Little Farce   When Miaomiao arrived at school early the next morning, the class president from their neighboring class was weeping near a bookshelf in their classroom, and Zhou Yuan was reading a chemistry textbook in his seat… Miaomiao thought that this was an unusual event because

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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife Ch. 40

“I’m sorry, My Lady.”  “…..what?”  “Even though it was an order from His Majesty, I shouldn’t have hid and secretly listened into your conversation. I have deceived the lady.”  Lucian bowed his head with a stiff face.  &l

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