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Since Gu Yan told him, it meant she also found it strange. Why was this? What made a person suddenly change her temperament?

“Have anyone seen my mother?” Mo Yichen had to think more about the situation recently. Gu Yan didn’t expect so, but she always felt that such a hypothesis was impossible.

“Probably nobody. I was there early this morning. Aunt should have only got up when I arrived.”

Mo Yichen frowned. How to explain this? Why did she suddenly change? Mo Yichen’s mind suddenly came to a light. Oh, could it be that Li Yunhong had a physical problem? Also, Gu Yan wanted to speak but stopped. Was it really so?

“Is it the physical cause? Has the doctor checked it?” Mo Yichen was shocked and sweated. He couldn’t imagine how to face that if Li Yunhong had a physical problem.

The more Gu Yan thought about it, the worse she felt. Li Yunhong changed her attitude after waking up. And she said a lot of truth when Li Yunhong fainted. Did Li Yunhong hear what she said?

The more Gu Yan thought about it, the more she felt it was possible. So, Li Yunhong was persuaded by her, instead of having a physical problem. Sure enough, it was said that patients were emotionally vulnerable. Judging from Li Yunhong’s performance today, that was indeed the case.

Gu Yan was tickled pink. She won Li Yunhong’s approval? How incredible it was! If she had known about it, she would have revealed her true feelings with Li Yunhong early!

But then she thought that she wouldn’t have had this chance if Li Yunhong hadn’t fainted with anger. She was happy in her heart. Was she accepted by Li Yunhong?

But Mo Yichen, who was anxious, couldn’t wait for Gu Yan’s reply. He turned his head and glanced at her, only to find that she was very happy.

What was the matter? Why was everyone so strange today?

“Aunt is okay. I think, I know what’s going on.” Having arrived home, Gu Yan didn’t tell Mo Yichen much. She got out of the car and walked over to Mo Yichen’s side. Then she opened the car door and helped him out of the car.

Gu Yan and Mo Yichen entered the house. Gu Yan missed Mo Xiangyan, so she didn’t delay much. And she happened to be at home, so she could just cook and deliver it to the hospital. Thinking about this, she started to cook. She cooked quickly and prepared a lot of dishes.

Because Gu Yan was afraid that the food would be cold after a long time, she left some for Mo Yichen and asked the nanny in home to stare at Mo Yichen carefully. Then she left home with the lunch box.

Back to the hospital, because Gu Yan hadn’t seen Mo Xiangyan for one day, she first delivered food to Mo Xiangyan. Seeing that the nanny was still with Mo Xiangyan, she handed Li Yunhong’s meal to the nanny. And she asked the nanny to deliver it to Li Yunhong and then went home.

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Although Gu Yan guessed that Li Yunhong changed attitude to her, after all, it was just a guess. What if it wasn’t? What if Li Yunhong swore indiscriminately when seeing her? Gu Yan was not ready yet.

Gu Yan ate dinner with Mo Xiangyan. Mo Xiangyan also knew that his father might be sick because Aunt Gu said that his father was going for an injection, and now he hadn’t seen his father for a day. Mo Xiangyan also knew that Gu Yan must be very busy, so he was very obedient and ate quietly. Then he sat on the bedside and chatted with Gu Yan.

Although Gu Yan was talking to Mo Xiangyan, she thought of the studio and Auslet in her heart. The National Day holiday was up to this day, and the leave she had asked for was also up to today. Gu Yan also wanted to go back to work, but she couldn’t just leave things aside.

Anyway, she decided to call Wang Sha and Jiang Jingcheng first. It was not a good idea to completely ignore the work.

Since yesterday she agreed with Mo Xiangyan to visit his grandma today, she decided to take him now. And she was at ease when Mo Xiangyan stayed with Li Yunhong.

“Xiangyan, shall I take you to visit your grandma?”

“Okay! Now?” Mo Xiangyan was extremely excited. Today Gu Yan was a little depressed, and Mo Xiangyan felt bored by her side. He hadn’t seen his grandma for a long time, and he also missed his grandma.

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Gu Yan gently helped Mo Xiangyan sit up, putting on his shoes. And then they walked out of the ward slowly.

“Grandma!” Seeing Li Yunhong lying quietly on the hospital bed, Mo Xiangyan felt a little distressed. He was also ill, so he felt even more empathetic after seeing his sick grandma.

Li Yunhong was closing her eyes to rest her mind. She seemed to have heard the voice of her grandson in a daze, but she felt that it was impossible. It must be a trance.

Mo Xiangyan gently shook Li Yunhong’s arm. Li Yunhong opened her eyes and saw that it was indeed Mo Xiangyan. She immediately sat up with a smile. She took Mo Xiangyan into her arms and looked at him carefully.

After seeing Gu Yan behind Mo Xiangyan, Li Yunhong remembered that Gu Yan suspected that she was ill this morning and asked a doctor to check on her. Li Yunhong was so angry that she let out a cold snort and then ignored Gu Yan.

Gu Yan saw Li Yunhong’s performance, knowing that her attitude had softened a lot. Gu Yan was relieved. She asked Mo Xiangyan to stay with his grandma, and told him that she would pick him up later. Mo Xiangyan nodded and agreed.

Gu Yan nodded with Li Yunhong and then left the ward. Li Yunhong also breathed a sigh of relief. How could her attitude towards Gu Yan suddenly change? She was dazzled by Gu Yan’s truthful words and lost her sense. Now that she came to her sense, she knew that she still couldn’t accept Gu Yan so easily, and she still had to think again.

Seeing Gu Yan leave, Li Yunhong was also relieved. After all, she hadn’t known how to get along with Gu Yan with what attitudes and ways.

There were few people in the corridors of the hospital now. Gu Yan was afraid of disturbing the patients to rest, so she walked a long way and took out her mobile phone till she reached the stairwell.

After taking out her mobile phone, she did not immediately dial Wang Sha or Jiang Jingcheng. She didn’t know whether she would continue to be an intern in Auslet if Wang Sha knew the current situation, or knew that she would continue to ask for leave.

But Gu Yan knew very well in her heart that if she had to choose one, she would give up the opportunity of internship for Mo Yichen. Although it was a pity, Mo Yichen was indeed more important to her.

What was the use of thinking about more? She could know the result after the phone. So, Gu Yan dialed Wang Sha’s phone without any hesitation. Listening to the call-waiting tone from the phone, Gu Yan gradually calmed down because she knew what she wanted in her heart.

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