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Chapter 149: Sleeping Together on the Same Bed

It was quiet in the mountains. The snow rustled, and the sound of scriptures being chanted sounded not far away. It was solemn and holy.

Before Song Fengwan could do anything, the door opened, and a gust of cold wind blew in. Huai Sheng rushed in with his neck shrunk. “Big Sister, why aren’t you in bed yet? It’s time to sleep.”

“I’m not sleepy yet.” Song Fengwan was leaning against the heatable brick bed with her head lowered, fiddling with her blanket.

“Even if you’re not sleepy, you should still get on the bed. The floor is cold.” Huai Sheng was shivering from the cold. “Don’t be scared. We won’t watch you take off your clothes. I’ll help you turn the lights off.”

The light switch was by the door, far away from the heatable brick bed. Huai Sheng shuffled over in his shoes to turn the light off before crawling into bed.

As darkness fell, Song Fengwan panicked even more.

Huai Sheng reached out his hand to cover Fu Chen’s eyes. “Big Sister, I’ll help you cover his eyes. I won’t look, and neither will he. We monks don’t lie. Hurry up and take off your clothes and get into bed.”

Fu Chen let Huai Sheng cover his eyes…

The night’s still long. There’s no hurry.


It seemed like a long time before he heard the sound of rustling clothes. Then he felt her getting onto the bed and crawling under her blanket.

“Okay, let’s sleep.” Huai Sheng got back under his blanket.

The heatable brick bed wasn’t big to begin with, so with the three of them laying on it, it instantly became narrow and cramped. It was difficult to even turn over.

Song Fengwan felt that there was an unfamiliar and flustering scent surrounding her, making her feel suffocated. The surroundings were so quiet that she could clearly feel Fu Chen’s strong and steady heartbeat.

She could hear every single one of his heartbeats, and the sound of his heartbeats was making her dizzy. She wrapped herself in her blanket and turned over. She turned on her phone and wanted to browse Weibo but found that there was no internet.

“Third Master, does your phone have a signal?”

“It’s turned off. I’m not sure.”

Song Fengwan was stunned. No wonder my phone doesn’t have internet. He turned his phone off. Guess I can’t play with my phone.

Fu Chen’s breathing seemed to be close to her nape, deep and even.

She took two deep breaths to calm herself down.

But she couldn’t fall asleep at all. She checked her phone from time to time until it was 11 p.m…

Fu Chen and Huai Sheng seemed to have fallen asleep long ago, so she carefully turned her body over.

The moment she turned around…

Her face was very close to Fu Chen’s.

If I had turned over a little more, I might have touched his face.

She stared at Fu Chen’s face, and her heart was palpitating uncontrollably…

Suddenly, she felt her foot being touched. This is…

… Fu Chen’s foot.

Why is his foot under my blanket?

The blood in her entire body was boiling, and her heart was beating so fast that it felt about to burst through her slender ribs.

She tried to move her foot back a little to avoid Fu Chen’s. Perhaps because her movement was too big, Fu Chen’s eyelids moved…

“Stop moving and go to sleep.” He reached his hand out casually and caressed her smooth and tender face. “Hurry up and go to sleep.”

His breath was scorching, and his half-asleep voice sounded sultry.

Song Fengwan shrank back into her blanket. She felt her face burning as if a gust of hot wind was blowing on it.


After some time, she couldn’t hold on anymore, and her eyelids drooped as she fell into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, a hand lifted her blanket, and his entire body moved half an inch toward her…

And he stuck closely to her.


Song Fengwan had stayed up for too long and was extremely sleepy.

Fu Chen smiled and reached out to caress her face as he leaned over…

… and pecked the corner of her lips twice.

He kept feeling like he hadn’t had enough yet. But as he was about to kiss her again, he felt some movement behind him. He turned his head around and saw Huai Sheng staring at him with wide, bright eyes shining in the dark.

“Third Uncle, were you kissing? I… Mph!” Before he could finish speaking, Fu Chen covered his mouth.

“Shh—” When Fu Chen saw Huai Sheng shaking his head hard, he moved his hand away.

“Don’t worry. I’m very tight-lipped.” Huai Sheng looked sincere.

Fu Chen frowned. Kissing? Isn’t this child studying Buddhist principles? Where did he hear this word?

“Third Uncle…” He suppressed his voice.

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“You can continue.”

Fu Chen remained silent.He didn’t have the habit of acting like a hooligan in front of children.

“But you have to restrain yourself too.”


“This is a monastery, a sacred place. You can’t go overboard. It’s not good if you’re seen by Buddha.”

Fu Chen smiled bitterly.

“Do you think that Buddha will punish me for helping you do bad things?”

“Buddha will only punish you if you destroy someone’s marriage. You are doing a good deed, so Buddha will love you.” Fu Chen didn’t understand what was going on in his mind. Right afterward, he heard Huai Sheng quietly say…

“I can’t watch anymore. I can’t watch anymore. Master said that monks can’t watch these things.” He turned his back to Fu Chen. “Amitabha.”

Fu Chen laughed and turned around to continue sleeping next to Song Fengwan.

After all, the temperature in this room wasn’t as hot as at home, especially in the latter half of the night when it wasn’t as warm. So naturally, Song Fengwan wanted to find a warm spot to lean against. She shrunk her body and pressed her little face into his embrace.

She’s throwing herself into my arms on her own. There’s no reason for me to resist.

Song Fengwan had taken off her down jacket and was only wearing a sweater inside. The material was light and thin. His fingers reached over and gently held her waist. It felt thin and soft…

His throat was rolling, and his blood was surging. It was indescribable…

Song Fengwan didn’t even realize it. She kept rubbing herself against him, killing him even more.

Usually, when she was in front of him, it was difficult for him to even get her to raise her head. But now, she was moving around happily, and her fingers were grabbing around his chest, trying to get some more warmth.

I’m going to die.

There were no more appropriate words than ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ for him now.


Fu Chen was having a hard time, and so was Duan Linbai.

He didn’t want to eat at the same table as Qiao Xiyan. He packed his things and prepared to find some friends to go to a bar for a drink or two, but he couldn’t find anyone.

He stayed outside until more than nine at night. Shink, shink. Before he reached the door, he heard a piercing sound coming from inside.

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When he entered the house, he saw Qiao Xiyan busy in the kitchen.

He got closer and took a look. He was almost scared out of his wits.

He’s actually sharpening a knife?!

He immediately packed his things and ran home.

I can’t stay in this place anymore. I’d rather go home and have Dad break my legs than to stay with such a crazy person.

It was snowing heavily tonight, and several roads were blocked. Duan Linbai finally reached his house after much trouble, only to find that he had left his keys at Fu Chen’s place.

Unexpectedly, the Duan family slept early tonight. He knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered.

By the time the maid heard the noise and went to open the door, his father was already coming down the stairs.

“Master, it seems like Young Master is back? I’ll open the door now.”

“That brat still dares to come back?”

Duan Linbai heard a familiar voice and shouted loudly, “Dad! Dad! It’s me, your son!”

“Doesn’t he like to wander outside? Lock him outside for a while.”

“Dad, I’m your biological son! Dad! I’m the only son in our family!”

“Don’t think I don’t know that you went to the Cheng residence to cause trouble. You said you were out of town on a business trip, yet you caused a commotion there. If someone hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known you’re so capable.”

“Dad, I can explain. Let me in first.” Duan Linbai’s legs were shivering from the cold. Thankfully, he was wearing a mink coat. Otherwise, he would have frozen to death long ago.

“Explain outside…”

Duan Linbai was stunned. He’s definitely my biological father.

He briefly explained what had happened before the door opened. He let out a long sigh of relief as soon as he was inside the house.

“Dad! Hehe…”

“Sleep early. Come with me to the Fu residence tomorrow. I’ll get Old Madam to arrange a blind date for you.”

Duan Linbai was immediately dumbfounded.

He’s so simple and crude!

“Dad, let’s discuss this…”

“Look at what you’re wearing. It’s so countrified.”

Duan Linbai opened his mouth wide. You can question my character but not my taste.

“You look like that.” His father raised his hand and pointed to a side table on which was an eagle.

Duan Linbai was stupefied. He’s definitely my biological father!


Song Fengwan had forced herself to stay awake until midnight, but she slept soundly in the latter half of the night.

The next day, the sound of snow sweeping outside woke her up. The moment she opened her eyes, she found that she was alone on the heatable brick bed. Huai Sheng’s blanket was folded and placed at the side, while she had two blankets on her, one of which was Fu Chen’s.

Huai Sheng was cleaning the floor with a broom. She hurriedly sat up.

“Big Sister, you’re awake?”

“Yes.” Song Fengwan casually combed her hair. “Where’s Third Master?”

“He is talking to my master.”

“Oh.” Song Fengwan nodded and hurriedly got up to put on her clothes. It wasn’t appropriate for her to stay in bed since the child was already up.

“Big Sister, your sleeping posture is terrible.”

“Was it?”

“When I woke up this morning, I saw your entire body pressed on top of Third Master. You were holding him tightly with your hands and feet, and he only managed to free himself after I pulled you away from him.”

Song Fengwan was just climbing down the heatable brick bed. When she heard this, she almost knelt on the ground.

“Third Master didn’t sleep well with you pressing down on him the entire night. He has dark circles under his eyes.”

“I was moving around?” She was known to have a great sleeping posture.

Huai Sheng looked at her. “A monk doesn’t lie.”

But if the lying is for a good deed, Buddha will love me too, right?

It’s like what Master said before: A white lie.