I Know Everything

Chapter 556
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Chapter 556: Booking to watch movies.

There were many movie theaters in Los Angeles.

But they weren’t like in China where it was located in a prosperous business area.

Actually, the most prosperous business area in Los Angeles was just a few streets, not even comparable to ordinary prefecture-level cities in China.

The actual most prosperous city in the US had to be New York.

But then, it was New York.

So many movie theaters in Los Angeles would just build it on a piece of land near the residential area and at best, there would be a gaming hall and fast food restaurant etc… near it.

This was a very common model across the US..

After Chen Huan and Elizabeth went out, they went to a random theater, bought popcorn and Coke, and sat in their seats as they waited for the movie to start.

The attendance rate for Batman v Superman was really not great.

Although it was around 10 in the morning so the attendance rate would obviously not be high, it was only the two of them in the theater and Chen Huan noticed there were only three sessions of Batman v Superman.

One should know that Batman v Superman contained America’s two favorite superheroes, Batman and Superman. It would be a box office success if they only picked one out of the two but forcing the two together wouldn’t work.

Not to mention there was the stunning Wonder Woman.

Elizabeth told Chen Huan that Batman v Superman was released on March 20th.

It was out for one month only.

Normally, it should still perform well but their reviews were so bad that the theater felt reluctant to keep putting it up.

The box office for Batman v Superman was 600 million so it looked good at the box office but the budget for the film was 250 million dollars.

They wouldn’t make much money if the box office didn’t reach 800 million dollars.

Actually, the box office for Batman v Superman should’ve been even worse because Wonder Woman’s appearance was amazing as it saved the reviews a bit and saved the entire movie’s box office.

During the two hours of film, Chen Huan didn’t have anything good to say about this movie he hadn’t seen in his previous life.

As Elizabeth said, the dark and gray theme in the movie didn’t suit the long viewing.

Until Wonder Woman, who came like blazing fire, was the bright spot in the dark.

However, this couldn’t hide the shortcomings of being slow paced, confusing plot, meaningless fight and the villain being too stereotypical etc…

It seemed that the bad reviews were indeed correct.

From that point of view, Batman v Superman wasn’t as good as Marvel’s movies.

Marvel’s movies were shiny and bright.

DC’s movies were cold and dark.

The two had different attractions for casual fans.

It would be more differentiated especially when it was adapted in a live action movie.

DC and Warner still had a long way to go if they wanted the superheroes from the DC Universe to rise up again and regain their prestige to contend against Marvel superheroes.

Elizabeth was very casual compared to Chen Huan’s thoughts.

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She didn’t plan to watch a DC movie but still secretly bought one home when they released the DVD version.

She could be considered as someone from the Marvel family after all and although she wasn’t considered as one of the pillars, she should show team support so Marvel show more favor to her.

With more favor and popularity, Scarlet Witch would get more opportunity to shine.

Wasn’t this the case for Black Widow?

She was just a support character and just a second-tier character in the comics.

But Scarlett Johansson in the role made all the men over the world love it and there was even a famous NBA superstar who said he would drink her bathwater… how disgusting and shameless was that?

But it was that fierceness that prompted a bigger and bigger role for the Black Widow as in addition to appearing in Iron Man, Captain America and Avengers, it was rumored that a standalone Black Widow movie would be made so each actress envied it.

Elizabeth obviously also felt very envious but her family condition and her own career made her that she wouldn’t chase after fame and fortune crazily.

However, she would be willing to work harder to get a better role.

For example, now.

She wouldn’t feel burdened if she watched a DC movie with Chen Huan.

Even if the reporters learned of it, she could just explain what Chen Huan wanted to see and she went with him.

Her popularity would surely rise as long as she appeared on TV or internet with Chen Huan while the playoff was going on.

Just like that bitch Miley Cyrus.

The rise in fame would allow the writer to give a bigger role to Scarlet Witch on screen.

Elizabeth wasn’t interested in making money but fame was something she was interested in.

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As the movie went by, they were the only two watching it from the beginning to the end.

Chen Huan joked that it was as if they booked the whole theater.

They didn’t expect that there was still payment to come.

As they went out of the projection hall and not even out of the theater, they were swarmed by dozens of reporters.

“Chen Huan! Why did you sneak with Miss Olsen to come watch a movie?”

“Miss Olsen, you’ve been with Chen Huan multiple times now, are you two dating?”

“Elizabeth, you’re ten years older than Chen Huan, do you think your relationship will last?”

“Chen Huan, do you think American girls are better?”

“Chen Huan, what about Miley Cyrus? Are you trying to taste everything and two time them?!”


Chen Huan found out that reporters in the US were even crazier than those from China.

Because they didn’t have any filter and would ask whatever came up into their mind as if they were in a contest with the others on who had the better questions.

Elizabeth quickly put on her sunglasses to avoid being blinded by the flashlights.

But she was surrounded.

The reporters would block them no matter what kind of celebrities they were so they couldn’t run away.

It weren’t for the fact that it was illegal, they would have grabbed the two already.

Upon seeing this, Chen Huan could only grab the lady’s hand and try to squeeze out the crowd to walk to the parking lot.

Elizabeth didn’t fight it as she felt that it would be unsuitable to run out alone in a situation like that and she wore high heels so it was obviously better for Chen Huan to lead her.

But the paparazzi in the US were well trained as Chen Huan couldn’t run away at all with Elizabeth by his side.

Moreover, it was impossible for him to use the Big Grappling Hand to go break people’s limbs, right?

Wouldn’t the people get frightened to death if they saw that?

Chen Huan was still surrounded by people even after walking 20 meters and many more people came to surround him as they saw that.

There were even more people now so the parking lot was blocked.

It was obvious they were only a ten meter or so from their car but they couldn’t squeeze a way out at all.

Although Chen Huan was Chinese and that Los Angeles people couldn’t recognize an Asian from another, they still recognized Chen Huan.

The most sought after, the most mysterious and popular in Los Angeles right now was obviously Chen Huan.

This boy came out of nowhere and swept the Blazers off the playoffs with the Lakers that couldn’t make it to the playoffs for two years.

And he did it domineeringly.

So how could the Los Angeles people dislike Chen Huan?

It was rare for them to see Chen Huan outside of the court and he also bought a beautiful lady out so even ordinary people wanted to get into it.