Black Summoner

Chapter 113
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Chapter 113: The Power of Reincarnation

Kelvin’s House / Living Room

The day before the mock battle, after finishing the last training, I couldn’t even walk anymore. It was a hassle to sweat in the bath, so I asked Efil to wipe my body lightly and collapsed like last night. I didn’t feel like returning to my room, so the place was the sofa in the living room.

“I wonder if you can think of a better way. I’m afraid I’ll die if this continues every day?”

“This is the most efficient way. If anyone is at risk of losing his life, he will grow beyond their limits.”

“Are you really an angel?”

Today’s training was harder than yesterday. I avoided Melfina’s onslaught while casting Death wind Sickle, and accurately counteracting Melfina’s magic that was unleashed with the scythe. If I didn’t pay attention to my feet, the restraint of ice cast by blue magic will creep up, and Efil’s arrow fired from a distance. What’s more, a serious arrow, the ‘Pyro hydra’ of eight heads would be released without any adjustment, I didn’t think I was able to put it out. However, when I cared only about Efil, Melfina set up a hand. Parallel thinking was also busy.

[If you shoot, shoot seriously. A slight injury can be cured with Mel’s or my magic.]

I want to hit myself half a day ago when I said such a stupid thing. Thanks to that, my whole body is full of burns and frostbite. This is what it means to earn my own money! Well, I cured myself!

“So, I think we use carrots and sticks properly in this way. Hmm… Yes, next is the left ear.”

“I’m convinced, I shouldn’t…”

If the training of hell is a whip, this situation now is probably candy. I’m now having my ears picked on Melfina’s lap. Her ear-picking technic is not as good as Efil’s, but it is strangely vexing that I calmed down.

“Have you been healed a little?”

“Well, yeah.”


Maybe I’m afraid I’ll forgive this.

“Even so, I was surprised by Sara.”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s about the evolution. I didn’t think it would be that strong.”

“No, it’s about the monster she defeated in the dungeon.”

Monster? Is the white wolf that was served at lunch today? Certainly, when it was taken out of Clotho’s storage, I was surprised at that big size. And it was delicious, so much that my cheeks fell.

“That was one of the pillars that my predecessor, God, created all over the world, but I never thought she would defeat it…”

“Isn’t it bad that if you defeat that type of guy?”

The direction is different from what I thought.

“Did it taste good? I enjoyed it.”

“Is the character different, or is it a problem to eat?”

“It’s okay. It seems that my predecessor was dismissed because he wasn’t good at the god pillar, and the god pillar itself has almost lost its function on my time. So, it would be more beneficial to feed your experience. This time, Sara probably touched the god pillars. The role of the god pillars on the surface is to exterminate demons and demon kings in an emergency. “

“That’s why the pillar reacted. So, what did your predecessor try to do? Did he try to destroy the world?”

“Well, why? Hmm … Yes, I finish it.”

She evaded the question. I raised my head from Melfina’s lap and sit back on the couch.

“Does it have something to do with your last story? You see, you said that.”

It was a conversation before starting training with Melfina yesterday. At that time, it was a rare but serious atmosphere.

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[The man you fought the other day, Clive, did he really call himself a reincarnator?]

“I told you that Clive did say that at that time. You were surprised the moment you heard my words.”

“That kind of thing is—“

“I have been with you for months. I rarely see Mel’s surprised expression, so I knew right away.”

“You’re really sensitive to this, even though you’re missing something.”

Melfina laughed bitterly.

“I didn’t want to tell you about the circumstances of the gods as much as possible.”

“I want to hear if possible.”

You can’t sleep like this.

“Oh, it can’t be helped. I explained the difference between summoning a different world person and summoning a reincarnated person before.”

“Oh, I heard it before reincarnating and summoning Rion. What happened?”

“In addition to the regular summoning using divine protection like Collet, there are rare cases where a other-worlder gets lost in this world. If you compare it to your world style, you can express it as spirited away. Is it okay? There are various causes, such as accidents or coincidence. Most of the foreigners living in this world are lost due to the latter. “

Certainly, the number of shrine maidens that can summon is too small for the recognition of different worlds. Will Tsubaki-sama’s ancestors of Trage be like that?

“But there are no exceptions to the reincarnation summoning, which are always done through the reincarnation god, because in fact I was working through my subordinates during Rion’s summoning.”

“Isn’t Mel involved in the reincarnation of Clive?”

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“No, I am not.”

“Then, the predecessor who was released from that role used his power.”

“My predecessor has lost power, and above all, he has already disappeared. In addition, I am the only one who can handle the power of reincarnation. It is a strong factor that I was often away with you. So, there is a limit to what my subordinates can do. “

You were working hard. It’s hard to imagine from your lazy normal life Melfina sensei.

“Did you think of something rude?”

“You can’t think in such a serious mood.”

I can get away with this. Don’t get tired and get nervous at midnight. I have to keep only the facial expression with my courage skill. However, there are many mysteries about Clive. At that time, I would have investigated if I didn’t make a mistake …

“It’s very unlikely that a reincarnated person from my predecessor’s era is alive. It’s unlikely, but if he’s got the power of reincarnation from other than me… There may be someone. “

“I see. The real reason Mel came to me was to figure it out.”

“No, I came completely on my own. I enjoy it normally.”

Melfina waved, “No.” This guy denies it with a straight face. Isn’t that quite important!?

“Well, this is another possibility. It would be useless to say that you shouldn’t worry too much.”

“Oh, for the time being, the Rizea Empire, Trisen and Gerard’s death are suspicious. The Rizea Empire on the eastern continent seems to have little information. You may need to go to Delamis, which seems to have the most information. If so, shouldn’t you approach the shrine maiden, this Collet? No, on the other hand, there is also the possibility that Delamis is suspicious…”

Yeah, I think too much. There is not enough sugar in the brain.

“I’m already planning a strategy, and I think it’s better to accompany you, personally.”

“That’s right. It’s faster for Melfina to ask Colette. Why don’t you ask tomorrow?”

“I forgot to say, but tomorrow I will be within your magical power.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s awkward to have Mel, the reincarnation god, in a place where are people involved in Delamis.”

If you are a shrine maiden who reports directly to Melfina, you may be able to find out just by looking at her.

“There is that too … but she’s a little sick.”


What does she mean? When I was wondering, the living room’s door opened vigorously. Hey everyone, let’s open the door quietly. It will break someday.

“Kelvin! I’m coming to drink as a pre-celebration for tomorrow!”

“My Liege! Let us have a drink tonight!”


“I’m sorry I’m in Kel-nii, I couldn’t stop it …”

A tipsy Gerard with Luca on his shoulders, and a tension max Sara with Rion clinging to her hips as if dragged by, got into the room. And modestly behind were Efil and Clotho.

“Oh, we have to do it moderately, right?”

“I’m so sleepy right now…” [TN I guess it’s Kelvin saying these two sentences.]

I knew it would be useless if I say something, so I put forth the little strength I had and cast ‘Refreshing Breeze in myself.