Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 581: 581
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“Sister Xuetong, don’t speak. You will be fine.”

Fang Mu grabbed a handful of holy healing medicine from the universe ring. He stuffed it into the mouth of Yin Xuetong. However, she turned her head and said in a weak voice, “It is useless. The Puppet Matrix is becoming more and more stronger. You can’t escape together with me. Now my tactical matrix is still working. Go.”

“I don’t go!”

Fang Mu had a nervous breakdown. He was filled with remorse and said desperately,

“Why? Why did you betray us in those days? Why did you agree to cover up the fact of Reincarnation Mirror on the Holy Sects Conference?! But for that… I won’t let you hurt today!”

Xuan Yu’er was resisting the armies of puppets with difficulty, and the white light was shining on her body. The puppets continued to become dead things, and then they were torn apart by the puppets behind.

Hearing the dialogue between Fang Mu and Yin Xuetong, Xuan Yu’er thought of something.

“It seems that the holy boy and girl were not that heartless and ungrateful as what my master said. They seem very pathetic…”

A ray of red light suddenly flashed in front of Xuan Yu’er. Then the special blood puppet reappeared!

Xuan Yu’er gave a serious look in an instant, “Fang Mu, you hold Yin Xuetong. Retreat!”

Fang Mu immediately looked up. He held Yin Xuetong tightly without hesitation. The blood puppet instantly wielded its giant machete. Then it smashed on Xuan Yu’er’s blue sword.


The heavy and violent force was rammed into her. The sword was dyed bloody-red.

With her eyes wide open, Xuan Yu’er trembled and stepped backwards. She barely warded off this blow. Before she could gather her strength, the surging giant force was coming over her.


Xuan Yu’er screeched with pain. Her arms were smashed. She and her sword were banged to another side and crashed numerous puppets on the way. She directly knocked into Fang Mu and Yin Xuetong. They rolled a long distance and then stopped.

The armies of puppets surrounded them again slowly.

“Shifang Tactical Matrix!”

With a face full of blood, Fang Mu shouted angrily. The long stick covered with cracks flew out again. It collapsed and turned into ten shadows which encircled them.

“Why don’t you go?”

Yin Xuetong gasped and picked herself up. The wound, like a centipede, stretched over her back from her shoulders through which her spine could be seen. Xuan Yu’er felt frightened when she saw Yin Xuetong’s wound.

“Now, there is only one method.”

Yin Xuetong held the white matrix plate that was covered with blood and stared at the approaching blood puppet, “I stall it. You…go out through the entrance, go back to the upper layer and choose the right way. Then you can survive.”


At this time, Fang Mu asked calmly, “Sister Xuetong, where is the entrance?”

Yin Xuetong was surprised. She could only see the bare wall without that door. The door disappeared early.

She was dazed for a second and then laughed, “Ha-ha… Is the Shengxian Mountain our grave?”

“Could you tell me why you took the other side in those years?”

asked Fang Mu. Yin Xuetong smiled and shook her head, “It’s all over. Why bother asking that?”

“Sister Xuetong, do you want me to turn over in my grave?”

Fang Mu wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth, “Tell me the reason.”

Xuan Yu’er looked at them quietly. Then they heard the clicking sounds.

More and more cracks appeared on the rotating shadows of sticks of the big tactical matrix.

With light flashing in her eyes, Yin Xuetong looked at Fang Mu’s serious eyes. She wore a gentle expression and sighed, “The Huangxing Hall is totally different from what it used to be.”

“Sure enough, there is a hidden fact!”

Fang Mu smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

“Why don’t you continue to ask?”

Yin Xuetong was a little astonished. But Fang Mu laughed, “I just need to know you did it involuntarily. Unfortunately… I can’t tell that to my eldest brother.”

He sighed slightly and turned his head to look at Xuan Yu’er, “Sorry, Miss Xuan. We get you into trouble. I am so sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

said Xuan Yu’er innocently and artlessly with bright eyes.

“My master said heaven never seals off all the exits. Although it was a road full of dangers, we will meet a good helper and serendipity will occur. My master must be right.”

Yin Xuetong was shocked. She didn’t expect that Xuan Yu’er was so naive.

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“You shouldn’t totally believe the divination… Even if your master is the Head of Ciyun Building, the Head couldn’t divineeverything.”

“My master is not from Ciyun Building,”

said Xuan Yu’er suddenly. Fang Mu and Yin Xuetong were confused.

“Your master is not from Ciyun Building. But you are the holy girl of Ciyun Building…”

When Xuan Yu’er was about to answer, she pointed behind Fang Mu and Yin Xuetong, “What is it?”

When Yin Xuetong looked back, her eyes widened.

They saw that on the wall near them appeared a door which was opening slowly.

“Someone is coming!”

Fang Mu was pleasantly surprised. Seeing the cracks on the Shifang Tactical Matrix, he gave a bad expression, “The door opens too slowly that we have not enough time to get out. When we got in, we also waited for a long time.”

Xuan Yu’er looked at the door in a daze. Her master said that they would meet danger, which really happened. Would the good helper appear behind the door?

“Don’t hesitateif you have a hunch!”

It seemed that she heard the hoarse voice of her master. She immediately grabbed the star-shaped pendant around her neck and smash it!


A crystal-clear teardrop rose slowly from the broken star-shaped pendant. Then it blended into the Shifang Tactical Matrix and fixed it completely. It only cost twenty percent of the teardrop.

“This is the expendable treasure, the Stellar Teardrop!”

Yin Xuetong was surprised and happy, “It can support us until the door opens!”

Xuan Yu’er was in a despondent mood. She touched her neck without anything around it. She wore the Stellar Teardrop when she was a little girl. Her master told her it was the only protection for her from her mother.

The golden imprint around the door was getting brighter and brighter. It seemed that the armies of puppets were stimulated by the imprint. So, the puppets attacked more crazily. But with the help of the Stellar Teardrop, the Shifang Tactical Matrix could still hang on.

At this time—


A blood shadow suddenly appeared. It held a bow instead of the machete.

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Fang Mu’s expression immediately changed. “It is the blood puppet with another weapon! Could it be that…”

He instantly turned around and saw another blood puppet standing outside the Shifang Tactical Matrix and slashed at the shield of the matrix!


Under the huge force, the exploding sound echoed in the surroundings like thunders! Fortunately, the Shifang Tactical Matrix didn’t damage. It was still working properly under the support of the Stellar Teardrop.

The blood puppet with a long bow tilted its head and seemed to look at the other puppet with the machete, as if it was laughing at the other one!

Fang Mu and the other two persons were shocked. Did these blood puppets have awareness?

It seemed that the blood puppet with the machete was infuriated. It held the machete with blood light flashing in its eyes. The next breath—

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

They were shocked by the constant bangs. Xuan Yu’er alarmedly found that the Stellar Teardrop was shrinking quickly.

But the door only opened a slit.

Fang Mu’s pupils contracted. “Is it too late?!”


Yin Xuetong was nervous. Nobody wanted to die early. They were anxious to escape from this place.

Xuan Yu’er was also nervous. Holding the broken star-shaped pendant, she stared at the door which was opening slowly. Every breath was very difficult to be spent.

However, it would not end.

Seeing the puppet with the machete couldn’t break the matrix, the puppet with the long bow raised his weapon. The blood light converged onto the center of the bow. Then the puppet loosened his grip. A beam of blood light was shot out.


They heard a slight clicking sound. The sound was lower that of the attack of the machete. But their faces looked worse.

The crack on the point at which the blood light shot was expanding. Compared to the divergent force of the machete, the convergent force of the arrow was more destructive!

“He pulled the bow again. It’s too late!”

Xuan Yu’er set her teeth and held the star-shaped pendant tightly. Her voice was trembling. They stared at the puppet with the long bow. It pulled the bow slowly and the blood light was converging, as if it was counting down to their death—If the Shifang Tactical Matrix was broken, they would be drown in the endless puppets!

The blood light was getting more and more brighter. The puppet with the long bowloosened its fingers with a sarcastic expression in an instant.


Glaring white light came over suddenly!

The three people closed their eyes and heard the shattering sound of the matrix. They despaired.

Finally, the Shifang Tactical Matrix was broken.

After a long while, Fang Mu came to his senses and heard a dialogue from the distance.

“Fellow Practitioner Su, you crash the door. I am afraid that you may enrage the spirit of the Mysterious Realm.”

“This door opens too slowly. A fool will wait for its opening. Or else, you force the door open. Can you do that?”

“Oh… Fellow Practitioner, the way you speak often hurts others.”

“Well? It seems that I accidentally hurt someone…”

Hearing this, Fang Mu became sober totally. He looked at the two shadows which were walking in. He knew one of them who was Ban Qian from Fenglei Holy Sect. But Ban Qian had ordinary force. Why was he in the Zuoji Test?

And another one…was a strange person. She was a beautiful and young woman with a mark of lotus on the corner of her eye. He had no impression of her.

“It turned out to be Fang Mu and Yin Xuetong. Is this…Xuan Yu’er from Ciyun Building?”

Su Li walked closer. She saw three faces which looked so miserable.

Hearing that two of them were from the top holy sects, Ban Qian thought maybe Fellow Practitioner Su would beat them. But these two persons were in poor condition.

“Well? Some interesting things are in these puppets.”

Su Li wore a calm face and looked at the struggling puppets on the ground. She gave a slight laughter and disappeared. Ban Qian could only hear her last voice.

“Keep an eye on them. Don’t let them run away.”

Ban Qian nodded and forced a smile. Since he had followed Su Li here, he felt the latter sentence she said was the key point.

Xuan Yu’er and Yin Xuetong also came to their senses. They looked back together with Fang Mu at the same time. Then they were stunned as if they were frozen.

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