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Chapter 162
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I ate breakfast on my way to the Marida Company and watched the festival as I went as it started today. 

In front of the company’s trading house, the employees welcomed the early morning deliveries. Several wagons entered and left the parking lot which doubled as the receiving area. One of the escorts noticed me.

“You are… The chairman’s confidante—”

“D-ranked adventurer Schwartz, has the chairman already left?”

“No—, still in the factory, I think…?”

Outside the building as an escort was the blonde Arum, a fox-type female beastman. She knew shaft, but this was her first time with Schwartz. Did she see the image of Shaft in me somewhere? She walked into the factory, saying she’d ‘guide’ me in. All the while her head was tilted. Her expression told me that she couldn’t understand why she recognized me. With that, I headed to the usual reception room.

“Good morning, Schwartz-san.”

“Malta-san, good morning. Sorry for coming this early.”

Once in the room, I took a seat. Malta-san came soon after, and Arum who guided me from the loading area.

“No, no, Schwartz-san can visit at any time freely. So, I thought that you’d be here on the third day. Are you planning to participate?” 

“No, that’s not what I came to bother you this early. Actually, there’s something I need the company to look into.”

“Oh, is it a magic item?”

“No, what I need is a house or warehouse.:”

“So, a mansion! We also handle some real estate properties. What kind of mansion are you looking for?”

“No no, it doesn’t have to be a mansion. It’s not like I’ll be living there permanently… The conditions are as follows…” 

The conditions that followed: A low traffic or inconspicuous place. A basement of a certain size. Also detailed the condition of the property and equipment I wanted on it, such as it being a stone building that would not burn down easily. 

“Un un. If that’s what you need… A factory or workshop may be more suitable than a house or warehouse. Unfortunately, the properties our company dabbles in are housing. However, there is a building that I used when I first started out as a merchant on the outskirts of the second district. It is a small brick building with two floors above ground and one below, I think it almost matches your conditions.”

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“Do you mean Marida Company’s first store?” 

“That’s correct… It was built a long time ago, and I no longer use it anymore. But I still send people to clean it regularly. The store on the first floor can still be used, so can the office on the second floor. The warehouse is in the basement. I think it matches your requirements.”

“But since you still own it, does that mean that it means a lot to you?”

“Clearly… It’s where I started out as a merchant. Nowadays, the company is sometimes touted as one of the largest companies in Kurtmerga, but that building serves as a reminder of how I began and how I should run the business. However, despite managing to maintain it until now, if the building is not used, then it will lose its purpose. I will not ask what you’ll do with it, but if you can find use for the building, then I will be happy too.”

“— I understand. Thank you, I will purchase the property.”

“I’m glad you say that but you should still check the building with your eyes first. I have to go to the festival, so Marida will guide you in my stead.”

The property that’d serve as my base was found. After talks, Malta-san decided to ask Marida-san, who came to the reception room with tea, to act as my guide after informing her of the situation. She looked surprised upon hearing I bought their first store, but that expression changed into a smile. Malta-san parted soon after, but Marida remained and gave a brief explanation regarding the building. 

As I listened, we were informed that the carriage was ready. So, we headed out. 

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The carriage was parked out front of the office. Arum sat in the coach seat. By the way, I haven’t seen her twin, Silvara, so far. 

“Arum, do you know the location?” 

“Yes, Madam. I’ve been there several times with the maid.”

“Then that’s good. Let’s hope inside, Schwartz-san.”

“Yes, after you.”

Arum looked at me until I boarded. She didn’t look as bewildered as before though. 

The capital was large, and even within the second district, it took a long time for the carriage to arrive on the outskirts. Looking at the map, I found that I was on the outer circumference of the capital. The amount of people had changed drastically compared to the center. 

“The outskirts are pretty quiet, aren’t they?” 

“Isn’t it? Still, the place will be lively come afternoon. Most of the shops here belong for fledgling individuals. Whatever they’re selling, they’d hunt it themselves from morning to afternoon. There are quite a lot of merchants coming to buy here.”

“Did both of you do the same?” 

“Malta was a merchant through and through. He had never hunted even a single wild rabbit before. But I am a former adventurer. I had to return my card, but I was a C-ranker before.”

“So, that’s the case… Then, Minnea must’ve inherited her talent from Marida-san.”

“That child possesses even more magic than I do. By the way, she’s selected by school to attend the festival. Silvara is with her currently.”

“Tour? So there was such a thing.”

“Yes, it’s an event where excellent students are allowed to have an audience with the Royal Family.”

On the way to the building, we talked about the festival.