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Chapter 1619: The Dark Eating The Dark 2

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Lin Songye said, “Shadow, I also want to ask you, what do you mean? What do you want to do by taking this sum of money from Shan Ning? He is here to save Mu Yuan. If you take his money, it means that you are helping him to save someone. Is this brotherhood to you? You are going overboard and have no loyalty. We have gone through hardships together, yet this one time we go on a mission together, you’re going to stab me once you turn your head around. Isn’t it not appropriate?”

“Bah. I will stab you once I turn my head around? If it wasn’t for you sowing discord, this business should have originally been mine alone. You have shared the loot and still dare to tell me that I am not loyal. I have already ended Morgan’s entrust. This is a new mission. I have taken the money to handle the matter. Nobody can control me. Furthermore, I originally did not plan… ”

The shadow glanced at Shan Ning. He originally thought that as Shan Ning was eager to save Mu Yuan, he would definitely prepare the money.. Regardless of the amount, he would talk about it again after getting it. After he got the money, he also wrote off the matter this time. Who would have known that such a matter would be created?

Lin Songye was also involved. It was really dreadful.

Jack saw them fighting each other. He felt very comfortable in his heart.

The two of them talked and nearly fought. Jack withdrew to one side and acted as a big fat sheep. “Don’t quarrel already. Let Mu Yuan go. I’ll give you all another five million. Don’t fight with each other.”

The shadow and Lin Songye turned around at the same time. Damn, is he really a big fat sheep?

When Jack, the big fat sheep, saw that they stopped quarreling, he relaxed a little. He said calmly, “What I say is true. You all don’t quarrel. Let Mu Yuan go. Regardless of how much you all want, I will give it to you all. There are still a few houses under my name, and I can sell the houses. I am a diplomat. If you all have any matters in the future, you all can look for me. It will also be very convenient. As long as you all let Mu Yuan go.”

“Okay! Diplomat, for the sake of saving Mu Yuan, you can forget about your bottom-line principles?”

“I can!” Jack said. “I like him. As long as you all let him go.”

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“…” Everyone was speechless.

This was it. He was a fool who had been blinded by love.

Jack chanted silently in his heart. I am Jack, not Shan Ning. I am only pretending. Yeah. 

Otherwise, with this face of his, he wanted to hit himself. Jack said, “We can talk about the money. As long as you release the person, I’ll give you twice the amount of money that Morgan has given you. Oh, no, three times.”

“Little idiot, Mu Yuan’s life is not as simple as being worth how much money. Morgan wants him as he is useful elsewhere. It is useless regardless of how much money you give. It is just that since you have already brought five million here, you cannot take it away,” Lin Songye said. Fool, how did he become a diplomat? It must be bought. He actually believed Shadow so easily.

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Shadow said, “Lin Songye, don’t go too far in bullying others. This sum of money is what I’ve gotten. It is also mine. You can forget about touching it.”

Lin Songye said, “In the world of us mercenaries, the one who’s more powerful has more say. If you want this sum of money, okay, let’s have a comparison. Let’s see whose hands this sum of money will fall into in the end.”

The two of them started quarreling.

Jack stood beside the window and dug his ears.

When men quarreled, it was f*cking more irritating than women. 

Although he had predicted it earlier, he was still a little impatient. However, this situation could be controlled. Jack calmly leaned against the side of the window. If he could smoke, he would have smoked two cigarettes.

Shadow suddenly pulled out his gun. “Lin Songye, don’t be so shameless. As long as it’s money, you always think about snatching it. I won’t be calculative with you regarding Morgan’s matter. You can stop thinking about taking away this sum of money. Dream on!”

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