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Chapter 414: Chapter 415 Fight

“50,000?” Liusu said angrily, “Why don’t you rob the bank? They were also beaten badly by you, are you going to pay 50,000 yuan each for their medical expenses? If that’s the case, then you can give us another 100,000, then this matter will be settled.”

I couldn’t help but blush after hearing what Liusu said. They only asked 50,000 yuan for their medical expenses, but when I asked for medical expenses from Zhang Mingjie, I asked him to pay 2.5 million yuan…

“Was it me who started the fight?” How would Liusu be able to win an argument with gangsters who scam people for money? The yellow-haired young man sneered and said, “I was clearly defending myself. You can ask them who started the fight… Oh, I’m sorry, the bastard who started the fight had run away, but it doesn’t matter because we have other witnesses. You tell them, was it me who started the fight?”

The people who responded were all wearing black clothes, but from the expressions of Yao Wan’er and Qin Lan, it could be seen that the yellow-haired young man did not lie, and it was indeed Gong Fanlin who started the fight first…

For sly and unreasonable people who would never admit that they were wrong, if they found out the slightest mistake you made, they would use it to distort the truth. Therefore, this guy would never admit that it was he who wanted to touch Yao Wan’er and Qin Lan first…

“It doesn’t matter if you call the police, I’m not afraid to go to court,” The yellow-haired young man smiled coldly, “But if you have any accidents in the future, then don’t blame anyone. Maybe you should pay attention when you go out to buy food, and even more when you cross the road. After all, there are so many new clumsy drivers nowadays. Oh right, it is best not to go home alone at night, especially women. It is not safe in Bei Tian City at night, there are robbers and rapists everywhere…”

This guy wasn’t just saying those words to us, but to those guests, who could prove that it was him who wanted to touch the girls first. He was clearly threatening them.

Liusu, Mo Fei, and Ziyuan were all scared by what he said, but I quickly calmed down. Usually, only a fool would say such things out loud. This guy was the security of Earthly Paradise, and the Earthly Paradise was a legal business. Now that he said such things out loud, if those guests really had some accidents, it would ruin the Earthly Paradise’s reputation completely. At that time, who would dare to come back to Earthly Paradise? Even if he was really a fool, Boss Feng would not be a fool.

I remained calm and said, “What is the second choice?”

“The second choice is easy,” The yellow-haired young man’s gaze swept across the faces of Ziyuan, Liusu, Mo Fei, Yao Wan’er, and Qin Lan and said lecherously, “To be honest, I’m really envious of your luck with women. Just look at those women that are with you. Compared to them, our club girls are ugly as shit. Haha, how about this. If they can take turns to dance with me and make me happy, then I will let go of those people. What do you think? I’m very magnanimous, right?”

The group of men in black clothes either whistled or applauded while laughing incredibly lasciviously, making all the girls’ faces turn pale in fear.

Brother Wei couldn’t help but curse, “Why don’t you take a fuc*ing look at yourself in the mirror?”

“What’s wrong with my look? I look pretty decent.” The yellow-haired young man gave Brother Wei a scornful look with the arrogance of a victor. Then he ignored my existence and stretched out his hand, trying to touch Ziyuan who was behind me.

Although I could smell alcohol in the breath that he blew to my face, it was not nearly as repulsive as his face, “I may not look handsome, but what kind of women have I not played with before? Actually, those women who had sex with me in the past would never leave me! Hahahaha. Having said that, I haven’t played with a mixed-race beauty before. So miss, are you interested in having some fun with me tonight…”

“Having some fun with your mother!” Unable to bear with it any longer, I headbutted the yellow-haired young man, causing him to lean back and letting out a painful cry. Before he could fall to the ground I grabbed his collars, pushed him back several steps, and pressed him on the bar counter. While everyone was still in shock, I grabbed the half bottle of beer he had left on the bar counter and smashed it on his face!

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With a smashing sound, the beer bottle broke in half. Blood was splashed all over the counter, and the yellow-haired young man’s painful scream became even louder.

While he was covering his face with his hands in pain, I kicked his crotch fiercely. His body was originally arched back against the bar counter, but after receiving this kick, his upper body instantly sprang forward with his head hitting the ground first.

Although he curled up on the ground like a cooked prawn and screamed like a dying pig, I pulled him up again and pressed the sharp broken bottle against his throat. He wanted to scream, but the moment his Adam’s apple moved, a small cut was made on his throat. The deterrent of pain was more effective than my words, so his shout stopped abruptly.

I said coldly, “Go on! Why don’t you carry on talking? By the way, now that I also cracked open your head, and cut your face, how much should I pay you? If I slice open your throat, how much will that cost me?”

The yellow-haired young man completely sobered up now, “Brother, brother, are you sure that you want to do this? If you really injure me, you will not be able to get out of here. This place is full of my people!”

‘You wouldn’t let us go even when I didn’t hurt you. Now that I have hurt you, you are willing to let us go?’ I didn’t believe him at all.

The yellow-haired young man was so scared that he didn’t realize that his nose had been broken by me, and there were pieces of broken glass on his face…

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In fact, not only him, even Liusu, Mo Fei, Ziyuan, and other people were also shocked. Yao Wan’er’s reaction was even worse. She, who was scared of seeing blood, directly passed out in Qin Lan’s arms.

I also didn’t know what was wrong with myself. I just felt that the yellow-haired young man’s words and deeds were like magnets, pulling my violent nature out of my body.

“This place is full of your people? That’s even better!” I shouted to the people who were in black clothes, “If anyone dares to move, I’ll kill him! Also, don’t drop the weapons in your hands! Don’t you like to scare people with that stuff? Then you can hold it tightly. If one person drops it, I will slit his throat once, if everyone drops it, I will make sure that the doctor will not be able to stitch up his wound. Fei Fei, call the police!”

Mo Fei reacted quickly and immediately understood my intentions. While the men in black clothes were shouting loudly to intimidate me, she hurriedly walked near me with Liusu and Ziyuan and took out her mobile phone to call the police.

Boss Feng’s reaction wasn’t slow either. He hurriedly persuaded me, “Wait! This brother, please calm down. We can settle this privately, can’t we? There is really no need to get the police involved. If you called the police, my Earthly Paradise would be over. With so many people arrested here, the reputation of Earthly Paradise would be completely ruined.

“No one would come here in the future. I’m a businessman. If I lose all my customers, I will not be able to keep this place open. Brother, I’m begging you. Please let Xiao Wang go. I promise that I will never let them hurt you, and I will cover all your expenses tonight. I will also pay for all your friends’ medical expenses!”

I didn’t know what kind of ferocious expression I had at the moment, but I was sure that everyone was intimidated by it. So what if they had people inside the police? I didn’t believe that after I caused such a big scene, they would still be able to cover it up!

As the old saying goes: “Timid people are afraid of reckless people, reckless people are afraid of desperate people.” Right now, I was like a desperate person. I must protect my friends and my woman. That was not an obligation, but a responsibility!

As for which one was my woman and which one was my female friend, this was a question that I dared not to think about because it would make me feel guilty. The only thing I knew was that this was the source of my courage.

“Hiring this kind of person as your security, you are all the same. So why should I believe you?” I looked at Boss Feng contemptuously and sneered, “Moreover, if you are that kind, why didn’t you say anything when he was making the unreasonable request? ”

Boss Feng was reduced to silence by me, but the yellow-haired young man still tried to scare me, “Who are you trying to scare! I have been a gang member for half of my life, what kind of person have I not seen before? If you kill me, you will go to jail! I doubt you would have the balls to kill me!”

The yellow-haired young man was probably not even older than me, but he still had the audacity to say that he had been a gangster half of his life?

I said coldly, “You actually know that people would go to jail for killing someone? Yes, I don’t dare to kill you, but I dare to make a few cuts in your neck and make a hole in your stomach. I don’t need to kill you, I just need to make you bleed. Do you want to try it?” After I said that, I shook my hand; a shallow cut instantly appeared on his neck.

“Wait!” In fact, it was so shallow that it did not even bleed. But it still scared the yellow-haired young man so much that his legs gave out and he actually pissed himself.

Compared to the wolf who wanted to bite me to death, those hooligans were not scary at all.

Boss Feng almost wanted to cry, “Brother, why are you doing this? It doesn’t have to be like this. You probably don’t know, I didn’t hire him. He is just working for the gang that is responsible for the security of this place. If you really injure Xiao Wang, it will not be good for everyone. How about this, you can name your price, as long as it is within my ability, I will agree to it. Let’s not get the police involved, okay?”