Rebirth from the Ashes

Chapter 363: 363
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Chapter 363: Must Not Lose

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“Muyan, what are you doing? There’s no one called Xixi. You remembered wrongly!” Su Muyan’s manager, Ma Chao, caught up with him in a hurry and pulled him away while winking non-stop at Director Zhang.

The new singer from Cosmos Entertainment called Qi Xiu sold his albums at an astronomical rate and received acclamations from other musicians on Weibo after listening to his music.

Muyan’s former mentor, who was also a teacher and friend of the Music King Gao Lang, had just recommended Qi Xiu’s songs and even posted an impactful comment saying that the newcomer was an emerging star in the music scene.

Gao Lang highlighted the three main songs in Qi Xiu’s album and commended the songwriter, saying that those three songs had far surpassed the highest level of the Chinese music industry and were on an international level.

When Su Muyan saw his life coach giving such compliments, he immediately asked someone to get him Qi Xiu’s album and listened to his songs.

Ma Chao was also a music major and Su Muyan’s manager, so he still had some musical taste.

The three main songs truly were of remarkable musical quality. Any of those was enough to dominate the charts, let alone three of such songs in the same album..

While one of the main songs alone was enough to raise the whole album’s standard, it created an explosive effect with all three of them in the same album.

Gao Lang’s evaluation of the songwriter was even higher than that of the singer Qi Xiu. This music producer was called Xixi.

The first main song was called “Green Silk”.

Ma Chao clearly remembered that day when he threw out the ugly and scrawny teenager who was saying that his name was Xixi. One of the song titles that boy showed them was called “Green Silk”.

He knew that he needed to take this to the grave with him and absolutely could not let Su Muyan find out. Otherwise, he would certainly get fired.

“What? Xixi? I have no idea who that is.” Director Zhang was still furious. They had prepared Su Muyan’s new album for two years, and they thought the quality and standard were the highest in the current music industry, but their momentum was cut off midway.

Su Muyan sneered. “You didn’t know? The whole company knows that there was a music producer named Xixi who was looking for me to sing his originals.”

“Muyan, the world is full of people with the same name. Anyone can be called Xixi.” Director Zhang not only recalled who that was, he even remembered vividly when the homeless-looking boy came to the office and that Mr. Fu was here too. “Just think about the time when Xixi came over and compare it with the time Qi Xiu released his album. Do you think it could be him?”

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That homeless boy that came to the office was an unknown person who was asking for Su Muyan. It had only been about twenty days since. Even if Qi Xiu and Cosmos Entertainment were good, it was impossible to make such a high-quality album in such a short time.

“Mr. Zhang, there are no absolutes in everything.” Su Muyan knew in his heart that it was unlikely, but anything was possible in the world. Twenty days was not considered a long time, but it was not short either. It was still possible to make an album within that time frame.

“I asked around. Qi Xiu started preparing for his album after the New Year. Even if this Xixi guy later found Qi Xiu, they wouldn’t just switch the main song because it’s not a small matter.” Director Zhang looked at Su Muyan. “You’re still young and still have a lot of opportunities, so don’t be anxious. He’s just a newcomer and won’t have much impact on you.”

Cosmos Entertainment’s strategy was to deliberately release songs on the same day with Su Muyan to ride on his wave. It was a really good strategy, Tianheng would not give it to them.

“Goodbye, Mr. Zhang.” Ma Chao pulled Su Muyan and consoled him. “Muyan, let’s go. You just need to focus on singing and creating your songs. Leave the rest to the company.”

Ma Chao was aware that Su Muyan had been dabbling in music since he was young. He was passionate about music and was praised excessively. Since his debut, he had been known as a musical genius, and that implanted arrogance in him.

Now, a new singer and songwriter emerged out of the blue, and he was even affirmed by seniors in the music industry, so this was quite a blow to Su Muyan.

This newcomer Qi Xiu was aggressive and Cosmos Entertainment did not follow the usual publicity strategy, so no one saw it coming that these songs and this singer would be a hit just by promoting with short videos.

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This new short video app was also launched by Cosmos Entertainment just half a year ago. They were under the radar and no one knew that it had unknowingly become so popular.

Su Muyan was stumped at the moment. He only knew that his mind was a mess and that he absolutely could not be defeated by a new singer.

With years of flattery and praises from fans and industry seniors alike, he grew arrogant. His juniors and peers envied him and he was always surrounded by applause and flowers. He was in God’s favor.

‘I can’t lose no matter what! I must not lose!’

Su Muyan had not walked far when suddenly someone appeared from the office next door and caught him off guard. They bumped into each other and all the documents in a file box were scattered on the floor.

Despite being so annoyed and very close to losing it, Su Muyan had to maintain his poise. He looked at the startled secretary and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” She was Director Zhang’s secretary who had quit and came to pack her things. She did not expect to run into the company’s top star, Su Muyan. She quickly knelt to pick up her files. “I’ll manage.”

Su Muyan was extremely frustrated and nodded before turning to leave.

However, he glanced as he was leaving and saw the two words “Green Silk”. The paper was crumpled and the lyrics were handwritten.

His pupils constricted. He bent down to pick up the paper, and when he saw the lyrics, he turned glum. His voice was tense as he asked, “Where did this come from?”

The female secretary took a look and smiled shyly. “This was left behind by someone who broke into the Director’s Office about half a month ago. I forgot to throw it away.”

She had no idea what happened that day. When she was throwing away the trash, she somehow picked up this crumpled piece of paper and put it in the folder, but she forgot about it until now.

Su Muyan turned pale at the secretary’s words. He felt like he had been struck by lightning. The darkness in his eyes emerged as he squeezed the paper tighter in his hand. He wanted to tear it to pieces.

‘Ha! Great! What a good manager and Music Director!’