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Ch.335 You Still Care About Her? (1)

Su Yaya's hand trembled. Should she accept such an expensive gift?

Shen Xiuqi held her hand and smiled at her: "Hurry up and take it. It’s grandpa’s gift to you. After you give birth, we’ll be living there."

Grandpa Shen also smiled as he said: "Yes, this is for you and your baby, take it."

As they persisted, it wouldn’t be nice for Su Yaya to refuse further, so she accepted the villa’s property certificate given by Grandpa Shen and carefully placed it in the platinum bag she had brought.

Seeing that she had accepted it, Grandpa Shen was very satisfied and said with a smile: "That's right, you guys will all live there in the future. After you have the baby, it will be easier for me to come visit too."

Su Yaya smiled and said, "Thank you, grandpa."

Grandpa Shen waved his hand: "No worries, it’s nothing much, as long as you’re happy."

A huge villa is nothing much, Su Yaya thought to herself, okay then, just accept the gift!

After a while, cousin Shen Xiuwen and Father Su came down from upstairs. Both of them were expressionless, but they looked alike, probably because they come from the Shen family.

Shen Xiuwen and Father Shen came over and greeted everyone.

When Father Shen saw Mother Su, he greeted his mother-in-law and said, "Thank you."

Mother Su politely replied.

Father Shen continued on: "It’s nice to meet you for the very first time, please forgive me if I do come off as being impolite."

Mother Su smiled as she nodded and said: "It's okay, we’re a family, there is nothing of the sort."

Everyone started catching up with each other, when dinner was almost ready, Grandpa Shen said, "Let’s have dinner."

Everyone then got up and moved to the dining hall.

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A scrumptious dinner was served on the table. Everyone sat down without a word, Grandpa Shen first picked up his bowl and chopsticks, and the others followed.

Shen Xiuqi sat next to Su Yaya, he never once looked at Father Shen, acting as if he wasn’t there, but Su Yaya glanced at Father Shen, who sat opposite of them.

They met gazes, Su Yaya smiled at him, and Father Shen also nodded to her. Seeing Su Yaya's sweet appearance, he was very satisfied with Su Yaya as his daughter-in-law.

At this moment, Grandpa Shen suddenly asked Shen Xiuwen, "Are you done handling the matter? How’s the progress?"

Shen Xiuwen paused, stopped eating, and replied, "It's almost done."

Grandpa Shen then asked again: "What the hell is going on with you and Song Yan? You guys have already been married for a few years, why don’t you guys have a kid yet? Why isn’t she here today?"

Shen Xiuwen smiled and said, "Song Yan, she’s abroad. Her fashion company is organizing a fashion show."

Grandpa Shen snorted, "Where did Song Yan go this time? What's wrong with the two of you? You guys were once happily in love and decided to get married, but after you guys got married, you two didn’t want children, and your relationship is so dull, what's wrong?"

Shen Xiuwen hurriedly said: "There’s nothing wrong with us. We just want to keep it slow for two more years. It’s so tiring to take care of a kid, we’re not ready yet."

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Grandpa Shen didn't agree with him, and said with a sullen face: "What's so tiring about that? You just have to give birth, the nanny will deal with the rest, how is it tiring for you guys, you can still do what you want to do then, worry free. Xiuqi also said that he didn’t want to have children, that it’s tiring and very troublesome. Doesn't he already have a kid on the way?"

Shen Xiuwen hurriedly asked: "Grandpa, don't pressure me. I’ll have one when the time comes."

Grandpa Shen wasn’t happy with his reply, "Let me tell you, I’ll give you guys one more year, give it some thought, otherwise Xiuqi’s baby would already be here, and you two are still at the same spot, by then, I won’t be as lenient about it."

Shen Xiuwen nodded and said, "When Song Yan returns, we’ll discuss about this matter."

Hearing Shen Xiuwen say that he would talk about it, Grandpa Shen remembered that previously he didn’t get anything out of all these discussions, and snorted heavily, "Don't try to perfuse me. Every time you guys promise me you’ll talk about it, nothing happens after. It won't work this time, if nothing is done, hmph!"

His last snort sounded serious, Shen Xiuwen felt bitter, and reluctantly agreed: "Okay."

After agreeing, he looked up and glared at Shen Xiuqi, as if he was saying, why did you have to be so quick to act? Now grandpa is on to me!

Shen Xiuqi raised his eyebrows at him and replied silently, I’m capable. Why can’t you just hurry up!

Shen Xiuwen ignored him, and continued with his meal, one bowl after another. He poured all his anger into eating.

After dinner, everyone was free to move around. Father Shen suddenly stopped Shen Xiuqi and said, "Let's go for a walk."

Shen Xiuqi glanced at him, his expression was cold, he didn't want to go for a walk with him.

Upon seeing this, Su Yaya gave him a slight nudge, and whispered: "He asked for you, just go."

Shen Xiuqi wanted to tell her that even though he gave him life and that he was his biological father, he never once fulfilled the responsibility of being his father, so he didn't want to even talk to him.

But Mother Su and the others were watching. It was really hard for him to say this out loud, it was too embarrassing, so he walked out with Father Shen.

When he reached a spot in the garden with no one around, Father Shen asked Shen Xiuqi, "Did your mother come to visit?"

Shen Xiuqi glanced at him strangely, then sneered, "You still care about her?”