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Chapter 105



Alliot shook his head.

"I think he must have played some kind of speculative trick since he's developed such deep friendships with the sorcerers."

Lesche frowned, if it was before, he would have just let it go that this insane person had gone crazy again, but not now.

He was curious. Very much so too. It was a natural reaction because Lesche already had a wife. And that wife, to Lesche’s dismay, gave him very generous reviews to his face. It was not difficult to know the extent of it.

Every once in a while at dawn, Seria would wake up and stare at his face, thinking that he was asleep. There were even a few times when she would continue to pretend to stare at him too closely. Then he thought she’d at least kiss him, but why was Seria so cold-hearted? She only moved her fingers slightly on his cheek. It wasn’t even a strong touch. Then, she would lie in bed again and fall asleep as if she fainted.

However, Mies, an illegitimate child who had half the blood of Berg, looked similar to him. (Lesche)

It was only natural that his mood was down. At this point, Lesche wondered if Mies had done this to try to seduce Seria. Lesche kicked Mies ruthlessly on the side, and then lifted him up. There were two tied up sorcerers passed out on the floor.

"Take Mies out first. Lock him up separately."

"Yes, Your Highness!”

Immediately after the knight dragged Mies out, Linon crawled in.


Berg's knights, including Alliot, blinked, and Lesche gently raised one eyebrow.

"Um... Your Highness...I'll give you a brief report here first ...."

In this urgency, the brief report in that short amount of time proved Linon's ability again.

The problem was that he was still severely wary of Lesche. Lesche knew that Linon was in fear. He looked nervous as he hadn't seen Lesche in a very long time, the last time being when he was at the Academy.

Linon averted his gaze without looking at Lesche.

"Sir Alliot. Please give me a cup of water..."

"You can't even drink water well.”

When Linon started to choke on his water, a knight hurriedly patted him gently on the back.

"I'm too scared to drink water. ..... But Your Highness."

Linon couldn't continue to speak until the end and swallowed a lump about ten times. In the meantime, he gathered his courage as he watched Lesche read the report he put up.

"Grand Duchess.”

Lesche lifted his head.

"What's wrong with Seria?”

"...Did you see that lord Mies’s ear was torn off?”

"Yes, I did. Did you do it?"

"No, the Grand Duchess did it."

For a moment, Lesche felt strange. At the same time, a feeling of discomfort rose in him. Linon’s diligent written report which he scraped his life force to write, fell plopped on the table.

"What did she cut it with?”

He had never heard that Seria was a sword-wielding Stern. Linon was now feeling pitifully frightened.

"Her mouth… She bit it off with her mouth.”


Berg's knights backed away in panic at the tense atmosphere as the flower pot on the table fell to the floor.

This caused the sorcerers, who had regained consciousness, to be transfixed by his soul-deprived eyes. The sorcerers saw Lesche standing there and gritting his teeth angrily.

The knight immediately tried to draw his sword, but Alliot quietly held him back. Alliot, who was eye to eye with the knight, signaled for him to be quiet and shook his head.

Lesche strode to Linon.

“Why did Seria bite his ear off?”

Ohhhhh. Linon really wanted to cry. He was already crying a little. One of the sorcerers crawled across the floor, as quietly as possible.

“Mies….put his lips on the Grand Duchess’s lips…...”

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The back of the sorcerer's hands that had grabbed Lesche’s ankle and tried to knock him down was completely trampled and broken. Lesche hadn't looked down once, no, not even now, so how on earth could he...! The sorcerer screamed, but there was no mercy in Grand Duke Berg's feet. The knights of Berg began to break out in a cold sweat as they saw the bones sticking out of the sorcerer's hands.

It was anger.

“The lips, then….”

Linon was now in tears.

"Mies..licked her lips..."



"Grand Duchess."

Susan, who had brought a new powdered toothpaste, said, "Phew..." and filled the ceramic basin directly with water.

“You’ve used seven toothbrushes now. What happened to you?”


"I was so surprised when the Grand Duchess came back to the mansion...Ben and I almost fainted side by side."

Mies's blood stuck to her mouth. It made Seria look like a vampire, and she was able to get to the carriage and get half of it off, but she couldn't deceive Ben and Susan, who were always concerned for her safety.

As soon as they saw her appearance, they were astonished to the point of fainting. Besides, Seria went straight to the bathroom and brushed her teeth seven times. Ben must have been hanging around outside the bathroom door.

He knew something was wrong, but he couldn't question her and just wandered around her with a nervous face.

“Are you two having trouble sleeping?”

Seria hesitated for a moment. This wasn’t something to hide from Ben and Susan. They were the ones who knew Mies better than anyone.

"Hey, Susan."

Susan's complexion changed immediately as Seria told her what had happened at the auction house. When Seria finished her story, Susan grabbed Seria’s hands.

“Oh my...are you okay?”

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"I'm fine. Look. I'm not injured."

“His Highness….Did he know? What about Linon?”

"I told Linon that if he’s scared, we'll keep it a secret from Lesche, but he shivered and said that it would scare him more. Then he sat down on his knees and wrote the report frantically."

Linon cried. He really cried.

‘Honestly, I was flustered. This is because I had never thought that Berg's chief aide would cry. And it was Mies who kissed me pretending to be Lesche.’

Feeling like a parent with a preschooler, Seria tried to follow Linon. But Linon hastily shook his head. What did he say? He said that the moment he showed the report to His Highness, he would die without being able to preserve his body.

Linon begged Seria to go back to the mansion first, so she said yes. At that time, the imperial knights were going to join the confiscation and liquidation of the auction house in earnest anyway, so Seria decided to go home first.

“Susan, Linon is not not really going to die, is he? He exaggerated, right?”

Susan smiled awkwardly.

"Linon will not die. But the protection of the Grand Duchess was part of the plan, and now that the plan has gone awry, He has to take responsibility as Chief Aide.”

Seria felt unfamiliar with Susan’s stern answer. Seria blinked and Susan looked puzzled.

"What's wrong?"

"I didn't know Susan could say it so crisply.”

Susan was kind and soft, at least she was like that to Seria, and she was close to Linon. Seria thought Susan was going to say no, but she surprised Seria with her unexpectedly decisive response.

Susan smiled faintly.

“I was a knight once. Knights are supposed to protect something. It's a real shame when they can't. So His Highness must be very distressed. I'm glad it ended with a simple contact. You almost got seriously hurt."

"I see. I didn't mean to make him upset.”

Seria started to feel uneasy for some reason. Susan said as she undressed Seria.

"It's best to offset the bad feelings with good feelings.”

"Good feelings?"

"Yes, Grand Duchess. His Highness will be back at night. Please do what His Highness likes."

Susan said in a rather regal tone.

"As soon as you see His Highness, you can kiss him first."


‘Abigail isn't the only one who is straightforward.’

Susan's face still had the same warm smile on it.

"That….” (Seria)

"Yes?” (Susan)

"There's no one on this floor at night, right?"

Susan said with a smile.

"Of course. No one will be here until morning, as usual."

“Then you'll have to leave a little early today.”

"Yes, as soon as I'm done with your bath, I'll tell everyone to leave.”

People were really aware of their surroundings. Seria never imagined she would ask such a question herself. It was Lesche’s fault. Why is he so energetic? Even if she multiplied her physical strength ten times, it would be less than Lesche’s.

After the bath, Seria went back to her bedroom. The scent of herbs wafted from her hair. She sat by the window that overlooked the garden of the mansion. Leaning on the window, she rested her chin on her arm. How long did she sit there?

"You're already here."

Across the expansive garden, Lesche was seen coming in riding on his horse. Seria got up. She expected him to come to the bedroom right away, but he didn't.

As she watched the clock and waited for Lesche, Seria began to wonder.

‘What is it? Did he get angry because of Mies?’

‘Susan said he was upset, is that why he doesn’t want to see me?’

Seria’s eyebrows immediately rose. How could he do that? She needed to see Lesche right away.

The moment she was about to open the door and leave, she hit something hard. As she faltered, a strong hand grabbed her arm tightly.