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Chapter 116: Protection

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At that time, Xing Jiuan did not have any other friends other than her senior brothers and sisters. There were also some families at the foot of the mountain. So, naturally, there were also children.

However, even if little Xing Jiuan was exquisite and beautiful like a little fairy when she was young, she was still just a child that had been picked up in the eyes of some children.

Some children were so naive to the point that it was cruel.

They would say that they shouldn’t play with little Xing Jiuan as she was definitely not a good child since she had been abandoned. Why would an obedient child be thrown away?

There were also children who were slightly older who were envious and jealous that little Xing Jiuan was so good-looking.

It wasn’t that no one was willing to play with Xing Jiuan.

In the beginning, she had playmates whenever she was brought down the mountains by her master or senior brothers and sisters..

However, as there were too many people who did not like to play with Xing Jiuan, those children who played with Xing Jiuan would be ostracized by other children.

No one wanted to be ostracized. The younger ones were not sensible, but when they played with little Xing Jiuan, they would snatch her toys and even bully the little girl sometimes.

Although it was inconceivable, the little girl who was obedient, clean, and pretty like a little angel indeed did not have many friends back then.

The senior brothers and sisters did not consider deliberately integrating Xing Jiuan with those children either.

They were already teenagers who could not stand being bullied themselves, let alone see their little girl being bullied by others.

The little girl had twenty senior brothers and sisters. Why would she be afraid that no one would play with her?

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Even if there were some senior brothers and sisters who had to leave for work matters, there would always be someone who stayed behind to play with her.

That mountain was their territory. They could play and laugh as they pleased.

Actually, they had thought about raising an animal to keep the little girl company.

However, they did not know what to raise. They had raised cats and dogs in the past, but they were not very good at it. Therefore, they’d ultimately returned them to their original families.

It was strange. A group of people could raise a little girl who was not even three years old very well, but they could not care for small animals at all.

They were worried that after the little animal came, it would build a connection with Xing Jiuan. If the time came when they had to send it away or if it passed away unexpectedly, the little girl would be sad.

Therefore, they’d built Xing Jiuan her very own small amusement park not far from where they lived.

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Later on, Master accidentally picked up the injured Xing Xiaolang’s mother. She was a two-year-old female wolf who had not fully grown up. After she was brought back, she was always on alert.

It was a genuine wolf that had grown up in the wild. It was considered a hunter. It did not dare to relax when strangers approached it.

Strangely enough, only little Xing Jiuan could get close to her.

Maybe it felt that young humans were vulnerable.

Later on, they discovered that little Xing Jiuan and Xing Xiaolang’s mother played together very well. After observing them carefully for two months, everyone was more or less assured to let the little girl and the wolf play together.

Xing Jiuan had even given it a name back then. However, she was still young and couldn’t think of any good names.

Everyone called her Baby and rarely called her Xing Se. So, she named her wolf playmate Bei Bei.

Together, they were Baby and Bei Bei.

Bei Bei had accompanied little Xing Jiuan for nearly a year.

Little Xing Jiuan had never been bitten even though she fed it with her own hands. She could even sleep with the adult wolf, Bei Bei, and it wouldn’t care if Xing Jiuan accidentally hurt it.

A tall and gentle female wolf was always by the side of this tiny human.

It was more romantic than a knight guarding a princess.